Support for curriculum design

As faculty design their course curriculum they're guided by a process developed by the Academic Affairs Council's Curriculum Development Subcommittee. A course consists of three components: Course Program of Study templates; Course Outcome Summary; and a Lab Fee Justification Form. To maintain accurate, complete records for a course, all three components must be submitted to Curriculum Support Services each time any one component is revised.

Below are curriculum-related manuals, documents, forms and links to technology support tools as you develop your course curriculum.


Curriculum, Educational Materials, and Program Development Process [Downloadable PDF]

Curriculum Approval Tracking System (CATS) Tutorial [Downloadable photo tutorial]

Curriculum of Study (COS) Checklist 

Curriculum Design: Performance-Based Learning Requirements

Bloom's Cognitive Domain Chart

Bloom's Taxonomy Verb List

Diversity Checklist

EFSC Discipline Identifiers List

Florida Department of Education Organizational Chart


Catalog Template [Downloadable MS Word Form]

Credit Hour CPT - Course Plan Template [Downloadable MS Word Form]
          • Standardized Text for Prerequisites and Course Descriptions

Clock Hour CPT- Course Plan Template [Downloadable MS Word Form]

Fee Justification [Downloadable PDF Form]

Academic Technology Support

Curriculum design and support consultations (via email, phone, walk-in or appointment) are available to faculty related to the use of teaching and learning applications.

Click here to register for an Academic Technology workshop. Curriculum related workshops include:

  • Fundamentals of Performance Based Learning (PBL) - Faculty Advancement Credit
    This 2-hour face-to-face workshop is designed to present performance-based learning (PBL) fundamentals, without the necessity of having to learn WIDS course design software. The language of Performance Based Learning (PBL) will be covered, along with basic instructional design processes.
  • Hybrid & Online Course Design Workshop Series - Faculty Advancement Credit
    In this 5-part workshop series participants will master techniques and best practices for hybrid and online course development and delivery using tools and methods to foster optimal learner engagement and achievement. The series includes the following workshops, which should be taken in order: Fundamentals, Learning Plans, Assessments and Rubrics, Learner Interaction and Engagement, and Learner Support and Performance Management.
  • Performance Based Learning (PBL) Faculty Advancement Credit
    This workshop focuses on establishing desired performance expectations; specifying performance standards; creating standards-based assessments; planning teaching and learning strategies that work; and aligning standards, assessments and instruction. Participants will design a customized, performance-based, learner-centered course of study using the WIDS Learning Design System software. This workshop will be delivered in the hybrid format comprised of 2 face-to-face meetings with the remainder of the course work to be completed online.


Curriculum Support Services
Catherine Johnston, PhD

Academic Technology Support
Dayla Nolis

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