Tools and technology for faculty

It takes the right resources to support excellence in teaching. From curriculum development to live classroom and online teaching the CTE wants to connect faculty with the resources they need. We also want to share teaching best practices from faculty at our institution, other colleges and universities, and research organizations. If it's a good idea about teaching, we want to share it (so send us your contributions).

The Internet and multimedia technologies allow us to engage students in innovative ways. The Academic Technology Department’s (AcTec) mission is to assist faculty members in the implementation of teaching and learning technologies to enhance their instruction with the focus on student engagement and learning. AcTec offers training and support for curriculum development and educational technologies. You'll find information about some of AcTec's support options on this page and in the Curriculum Development link in this page's menu; plus you can explore their full services on the AcTec website.

Techsmith Relay Lecture Capture

Record your lectures in your office, at home or in the classroom. You can publish the recordings to the EFSC server, to your YouTube channel or to your account. The system is easy to use. Simply click the record button to start recording lectures, presentations, classroom sessions and more. You can learn more about it by clicking here.