Thursday Update: EFSC's Palm Bay Campus is open today, with all classes and exams taking place as scheduled. A power outage canceled late afternoon and evening classes and final exams at Palm Bay on Wednesday. Students should check with their instructors for any impact on Wednesday's Final Exam schedules. Updates will be posted here and on social media as needed.

Because we're better when we collaborate...

So often, as we plan our course lessons, we seek inspiration from others in order to carve out new ideas and create new activities. Critical thinking does not happen in a vacuum, and as we encourage our students to seek out resources and collectively brainstorm, we can do the same.

Connections with our colleagues can lead to new ideas, whether our collaborations take place via on-site workshops or virtual discussions. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, consider posing an idea or facilitating a workshop to help encourage others. We encourage full- and part-time EFSC faculty to submit workshop proposals, with a small stipend when conducting the workshop. Access the Workshop Proposal Form & how to submit.