Thursday Update: EFSC's Palm Bay Campus is open today, with all classes and exams taking place as scheduled. A power outage canceled late afternoon and evening classes and final exams at Palm Bay on Wednesday. Students should check with their instructors for any impact on Wednesday's Final Exam schedules. Updates will be posted here and on social media as needed.

Committees, Agendas & Minutes

CTE Board By-Laws

Board Members
Wayne Brown, Health Sciences Instructor (Cocoa)
Maria Capella Miller, Spanish Adjunct Faculty (Palm Bay)
Susan Collins, Communications Adjunct Faculty (Melbourne)
Kim Eddleman, Emergency Medical Services Instructor (Melbourne)
Tonia Graham, Public Safety Instructor, Program Coordinator (Melbourne)
Joe Helme, Health Sciences Instructor (Cocoa)
Barbara Kennedy,  Associate Provost (Titusville)
Luke Leonard, Communications Instructor (Titusville)
Brad Marovich, Math Instructor (Titusville)
Dorothy McCalla, Humanities Assistant Professor, Study Abroad Coordinator, (Palm Bay)
Dr. Wendy McLallen, English Instructor (Cocoa)
Sandra Melkonian, Science/Health Instructor (Palm Bay)
Dayla Nolis, Director of Academic Technology (College-Wide)
Ashley Olunde, Library Science Instructor (Titusville)
Dr. Ramona Smith, Biology Associate Professor (Palm Bay)
Paul Spampanato, Communications Adjunct (Cocoa)
Dr. Ashley Spring, Biology Instructor (Melbourne)
Dr. William Stewart, Biology Instructor (Melbourne)
Wakim, Math Associate Professor (eLearning & Melbourne)
Dr. Arlene Walker-Adams, Nursing Professor (Palm Bay)
Douglas Wendel, Math Instructor (Cocoa)
Holly Wendel, Math Instructor (Melbourne)