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Attention WIDS Users

We will no longer be using the WIDS software as a part of the process for writing Curriculum. The deadline for retrieving your COS and other projects from WIDS is December 1, 2016. The information below outlines the data retrieval and new curriculum processes.

Retrieving Projects From WIDS

You will need to retrieve a copy of your COS, personal projects, and any other documents that you want to save from WIDS by December 1, 2016. Click here for instructions on that process. Contact Cherylan Bacheller via email if you have any questions.

New Process for Revising Existing Curriculum

Anyone revising existing curriculum will now follow these steps. Contact Christi White ( if you have any questions about the new process.            

    1. Download the NEW CPT (COS/COPS combined) template from the Curriculum Forms and Instructions page on the EFSC Website.
    2. Download the current COS and COPS from eCPR.
    3. Copy and paste the information from the COS and COPS into the new CPT template.
      NOTE: If only the PDF is available on eCPR, you may need to convert the PDF to Word format using Adobe Acrobat Pro first.
    4. Make curriculum revisions to the CPT form.
      NOTE: Helpful resources including the EFSC Verbs List can be for on the Curriculum Forms and Instructions page.
    5. You will continue to send the Course Outcome Summary through the existing curriculum process - approval by the cluster and then submitting through CATS.

New Process for Writing New Curriculum

Anyone writing new curriculum will now download the NEW CPT template (COS/COPS combined) from the Curriculum Forms and Instructions page on the EFSC Website and follow steps 4-5 above.