Canvas Course Design

This page contains resources for ways to make Canvas courses engaging, well-organized and easy for your students to navigate.

Create all content with accessibility in mind. Explore our Accessibility Awareness Infographic for more on why accessibility in the classroom and in online courses is so important.

Resources for Course Design

Improving the Accessibility of Your Course

Various state and federal laws have requirements aimed at making education accessible to as many people as possible. For instance, making sure that classrooms are wheelchair accessible would be an effort to comply with these laws and policies. Online classes need to be accessible as well.

Accessibility Online at EFSC 

Course Accessibility Checklist

General Accessibility Design Guidelines

Accessibility in Canvas

Video Captioning (Kaltura, YouTube)

Canvas Course Collections

Canvas Course Collections (CCC) is gallery of public courses and course screenshots that effectively showcase one or more features and tools of Canvas and highlight various examples of course designs.

Sample Courses by Audience
Sample Courses by Subject
Sample Course Templates

Building a Canvas Course

Walk-Through to Set Up a Basic Canvas Course

Create a Simple Canvas Course

Course Home Page

The Course Home Page is the first page your students will see when logging in to Canvas. View online examples of various course home pages to get an idea of the different possibilities for your course.

Canvas Tool Guide for Instructors

Which Canvas tool or feature is best suited for your need or purpose? Click on the following link to find a fantastic resource provided by members of the Canvas Community:

Canvas - Tool Guide for Instructors

Join the discussion in the community.

Merged Courses Design Rules

Please see the following document to find course design rules for merged courses to make them compliant with new FERPA rules: Merged Courses Design Rules

For help with Canvas, the Canvas Guides and Canvas Community provide very comprehensive searchable databases for just about anything you are looking for.

If you are still stuck, you can call or email the IT Support Desk for Canvas Support.

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