Techsmith Relay Lecture Capture

Record your lectures in your office, at home, or in the classroom. You can publish the recordings to the EFSC server, to your YouTube channel or to your account.

Techsmith Relay is easy to use. Simply click the record button to start recording lectures, presentations, classroom sessions and more.

In the classroom or in the office
  • Contact IT support to request the install of the TechSmith Recorder software on the instructor computer in your classroom and/or on the your office computer.
  • Contact your department chair to find out how to purchase a microphone.
  • Use the tutorials below to learn how to record your presentations.
At home
  • Download/install the recorder to your home computer [View PDF]

Access the Techsmith Relay login page and use the information below to get started

  • Basic recording and publishing [View PDF]  [Video]
  • Enter your account information for your YouTube channel [Video]
  • Learn more about your presenter webpage on our relay server - [View PDF] [Video]
  • Using the portable recorder [View PDF]

Find additional tutorials on the Techsmith website: Techsmith Relay Recorder tutorials.

Please contact Academic Technology if you have any questions.

Click on Techsmith Relay Login and use the information in the PDF below to get started.

  • Download and install the recorder to your home computer [View PDF]


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