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Canvas Community Resources - discuss Canvas with your peers, find answers and ideas.

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Technical Stuff - browser info etc.

Which browsers are supported? What other requirements do you need to know to use all Canvas features? Are there any browser settings?

Find out here: Supported Browsers

Canvas has many features but some need a little trick or workaround to lead to the desired results. Click for details.

Tips and Workarounds


Do not copy/paste images. Always upload images (except for images on Flickr or other online sites.) to your Files area and insert into a page, discussion etc.

Using Canvas Conferences for Live Office Hours

To set up live office hours, create a long-running Canvas Conference and specify in your syllabus the days and times you will be available.
How do I set up a long-running Canvas Conference?

How do I use Canvas Conferences as a moderator?


Create a paper copy of your Canvas quiz - [PDF]

Seamlessly integrate third-party services into your courses. There are already several integrations available in Canvas.

Third-Party Integrations

Films On Demand

You can insert videos found on Films On Demand (library video database offering thousands of videos) into various places in your Canvas course. Please read the information in this PDF - Films On Demand in Canvas - to learn how to make these videos part of your course content.


Detect plagiarism by using Turnitin.

Setup a full Turnitin drop box offering all features including GradeMark integration with your gradebook.

Learn how to enable Turnitin [PDF]

Curriculum Builder

Curriculum Builder (CB) - CB is an easy-to-use tool from EBSCO that allows you to pull in electronic resources (journal articles, ebooks, websites & streaming videos) into targeted reading lists for your students. CB is integrated in Canvas. Learn how to use Curriculum Builder.

Please contact a reference librarian at your campus for additional information.

For technical issues with Canvas contact EFSC's IT Support Team
Call:    321-433-7600
Hours: 7am-midnight, 7 days a week

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Next time you have a Canvas 'how-to' question, give one of our Canvas Superheroes a call!

What's new in Canvas this month?

Canvas updates its system every month. Each month a new video will be on this page introducing new features (double-click the video to view full screen).


**Canvas Monthly Updates for Teachers**