Involved AAC Volunteers

Committees play a key role in the operation of the Academic Affairs Council and these committees rely on the involvement of faculty volunteers and when appropriate College staff who play a role in the committee's area of interest.

Information about each committee, including documents and meeting minutes, are available on each committee's webpage.

Academic Diversity Committee:
The Academic Diversity Committee seeks to highlight an inclusive academic environment which encourages multiculturalism and prepares students for global awareness, interaction and responsibility.

Assessment Committee:  
This committee developed and implemented a responsive evaluation framework for assessing learning outcomes to focus on improving the quality of instruction. It is now in ad hoc status until needed in the future.

Curriculum Development Committee
This committee serves as an advisory committee during curriculum development to ensure adequacy of curriculum packets for paperwork, state requirements, articulation requirements and final editing prior to final review by the AAC.

Educational Technology Advisory Committee
The Educational Technology Advisory Committee (ETAC), a standing committee of the Academic Affairs Council (AAC), reviews all educational software and hardware purchases and proposed technology upgrades that might have a direct impact on students and instructors.

Handbook Committee:
The Faculty Handbook Committee supervises and facilitates a planned three-year process to update several handbooks for designed for EFSC faculty.

Learning Management System Steering Committee: 
The Learning Management Systems Steering Committee (LMSSC) reviews all learning management software, hardware, uses and proposed upgrades that might have a direct impact on students and instructors.

Library Committee
The Library Committee serves as a liaison and advisory committee for the faculty, staff, students and the Libraries by providing input and feedback in planning and assessing resources and services which support lifelong learning of the EFSC community.

Committee Contacts

Academic Diversity Committee Chair
Andrew Forbes, 321-433-5159

Assessment Committee Co-Chairs
Dr. Dan Wagner, 321-433-7392    

Carrie Wells, 321-433-5236

Curriculum Development Committee Chair
Ron Vanderveer, 321-433-5647

Educational Technology Advisory Committee Co-Chairs
Salli DiBartolo, 321-433-5047

Michelle Richard, 321-433-5057

Handbook Committee Chair
Holly Kahler, 321-433-7541

Learning Management Systems Chair
Salli DiBartolo, 321-433-5047

Library Committee Chair
Mary Garrett, 321-433-7319