Summer Kick Start - FUNdamental Workshops

Thank you to all who attended the 2018 Summer Kick Start sessions. Please check back for information about any upcoming sessions.

We want to make sure you're successful at EFSC, especially during that important first year of college. Did you know that 32% of first-time college freshmen don't continue to their second year?

Students on the BeachStudies show that students who are better prepared before starting college are more successful, and that is exactly what Summer Kick Start is all about!

This three-part workshop series held each summer is designed to help you navigate your first year at EFSC. It includes dynamic speakers, materials to help you succeed, answers to all your questions, the opportunity to meet other incoming students, and interactive presentations and giveaways.

For completing all three workshops, which each include two topics, you will receive special recognition, and you could be eligible for a free class. Review the free college course requirements to determine if you qualify.

Haven’t applied to the College yet? Fill out the online application or call Student Recruitment at 321-433-5497 for assistance.

Questions about the workshops? Please contact for more information.

Accordian Table

Using myEFSC

This workshop will help you gain a better understanding of how to use tools on the EFSC website including myEFSC. During the workshop, you will learn how to access Titan Web, Canvas, Student Email, Scholarship Applications and your Class Schedule through myEFSC.

Organizational Skills

Did you know everyone has his or her own personal organizational style? In this interactive workshop, you will identify your organizational style and receive tips and tricks on how to better your organizational skills!

Financial Aid 

Paying for college can be tough. So is understanding all the ways to pay for college, but we’re here to help you figure it out. It’s important to understand the impact poor budgeting and planning can have on your college career at EFSC and in the future. This workshop will foster a better understanding of how to budget for college and apply for financial aid, while setting the stage as you strive to earn the salary to cover your future lifestyle!

Study Skills

In this workshop, you will identify your current approach to study skills and your learning style to help create a customized study plan. Maximizing your study time and acing your tests will leave you with more free time!

Building Your Course Schedule

Want to learn some skills to help you build the perfect EFSC schedule, then apply those skills to the real world? Join us to learn how your goals and strengths matter, how to impress potential employers and even how to break the rules!

Time Management

As a college student, you are in charge of your school schedule. But with that comes a lot of responsibility when you begin to factor in time for work, family and friends. This interactive workshop will leave you with a usable product to master your schedule.