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We're excited to showcase local artists in the Art Gallery adjacent to the Science Quest Exhibit Hall. The exhibits change quarterly thanks to our partnership with the Brevard Cultural Alliance.

One of Florida's Own: 
The Ethereal Artwork of Charlie Conrader

Sign painter and home contractor turned artist Charlie Conrader portrays a wide variety of subjects in his art including characters, portraits and landscapes, but astronomy is perhaps his most preferred muse. Conrader’s cosmic artwork is currently on exhibit at the Eastern Florida State College Planetarium Gallery.

Conrader grew up on Brevard County's Space Coast, where he began painting for friends and family at the age of 12. A witness to countless NASA launches during the heyday of the space program, he has long been fascinated by the wonders of the universe, and draws much of his inspiration from images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.

With the Hubble’s ability to capture photos from the remote depths of space, most of Conrader’s subjects are located outside of the Milky Way galaxy. His unique wet-on-wet oil painting technique brings a luminous quality to his work under various types and degrees of light.

To purchase artwork displayed in the Planetarium Gallery, contact Lynne Brezina at the Brevard Cultural Alliance 321-690-6817 or email

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Artist Charlie Conrader
Artist Charlie Conrader