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The Florida Inclusion Network at Eastern Florida State College is led by Dr. Laura Sidoran and Emily Tonn. Dr. Laura brings more than 20 years of work experience in the Florida education system as a teacher, school psychologist, FIN Grant Director and an instructor at higher education institutions. She also is proud to be a product of the Florida education system and has called that state home since the 2nd grade. This also includes EFSC and UCF as alma maters. Dr. Laura brings enthusiasm and levity to every aspect of the project’s mission.

Emily has a masters degree in counseling and is finishing the requirements for her mental health counseling licensure. She has invaluable experience working with students with disabilities, including students with significant disabilities, and brings an unmatched level of energy and efficiency.

Dr. Laura and Emily make an enthusiastic, fun and collaborative duo, but the FIN/EFSC team would not be complete without administrative assistant Leslie Williams, whose behind the scenes efforts contribute to the project’s success. Get in touch through our contact information in the right column.

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