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Student Internship Information

View the steps for the internship process in the accordion table below. EFSC's Career Center team coordinates Internships for a variety of bachelor's degree and career and technical programs listed below:

  • Applied Health Sciences B.A.S.
      • Advanced Allied Health Specialization
      • Biomedical Sciences Specialization
      • Medical Imaging Specialization
  • Computer Information Systems Technology B.A.S.
  • Organizational Management B.A.S., Healthcare Management Specialization
  • Aerospace Technology A.S.
  • Aging Services C.C.C.
  • Broadcast Production C.C.C.
  • Business Administration A.S.
  • Community Health Worker C.C.C.
  • Computer Information Technology A.S.
  • Digital TV/Digital Media A.S.
  • Domestic Violence Services C.C.C.
  • Drafting and Design Technology A.S.
  • Engineering Technology A.S.
  • Geographic Information Systems C.C.C.
  • Human Resources Administration C.C.C.
  • IP Communications C.C.C.
  • Office Administration A.S.
  • RN-BSN Directed Study Capstone
  • Social and Human Services A.S.
  • Transportation and Logistics A.S.
  • Web Development Specialist C.C.C.

The internship will be connected to one of the following courses: ASC 2949, CEN 4949, CGS 2941, ETD 2941, GEB 2940, HSA 4850, HSC 3801, HSC 4851, HUS 1801, HUS 2821, NURC 4945, OST 1949, OST 2491, RTV 2940, RTV 2941, TRA 2943. Choose the Internship Checklist for your course form the tabbed box on this page.

If you are in a program not listed above, please contact the Internship Representative at 321-433-5261.

Accordian Table

Step 1: Meet with your Student Advisor and the Internship Representative

You will want to meet with your Academic Advisor to complete your academic pathway planning guide, discuss and review holds and your internship course.

Step 2: Complete the online Internship Orientation in Canvas at 90% degree completion

After initial contact with the Internship Representative, you will be sent a link through your Titan email address about Orientation hosted in Canvas. When you are 90% of the way toward completing your degree, you will need to complete the orientation and pass the course with a 70% score or higher for the online internship application to become available.

Step 3: Complete a Student Internship Application

You must fill out an application to participate in an Internship for a course. Use our convenient online Internship Application, available upon completion of the required online orientation. A paper application will be available at any EFSC Career Center. 

To be eligible for an Internship, you must have the Declared Degree/Major on Record and meet all program prerequisites and requirements. For more information on these requirements, view the Course Checklist for your program through the links in the box on this web page.

Step 4: Find Placement Sites

No matter what your area of academic interest, the Internship Representative can help you find a placement site that is right for you.

View our Internship Partner Site page, which lists placement sites throughout Brevard County. Your internship does not need to be at a current Internship Partner. If you find an Internship Partner to complete your internship simply contact the Internship Coordinator for additional requirements. Finding a site on your own is not required, but is acceptable. All internship locations must be verified by the Internship Representative.

Please note that although faculty has set minimum internship hour requirements, your Internship Partner Site may have their own requirements. Check with the Internship Representative or your site contact to verify your hours.

Step 5: Submit the Required Paperwork Prior to Starting the Internship

Upon completion of the online internship application, the Internship Coordinator will contact you directly with your next steps. Additional forms may be required for your internship.

Your Internship Partner Site may require you to complete additional forms, a Level 2 Background Check and/or Drug-Screening. The background check and/or drug screenings may be at a cost to you. Please contact the Internship Representative for more information on these costs.

Step 6: Intern & Reflect on your Experience

We recommend that you take time to record and reflect on your Internship experience while at your site.

Most Internship courses require an assignment (journal, essay, class presentation, etc.), and keeping track of your thoughts throughout the experience may help. Check with your instructor for details and required assignments.

Step 7: Return Post-Internship Required Paperwork

Return completed paperwork to the Career Center Internship Representative. Always remember to check with the Career Center Internship Representative and your instructor about requirements and due dates.

Post-Internship Forms include: