Internships: The Pathway to a Career

An internship through Eastern Florida State College is a supervised, practical learning experience in the workplace that offers students an opportunity to apply, connect and extend their academic competences to build professional skills and networks. Students prepare for their chosen profession while employers benefit from a skilled workforce pool.

The Career Planning and Development Center coordinates internships for the EFSC Bachelor's Degrees, Associate in Science Degrees and Certificates  — plus works with employers to become an Internship Partner Site for multiple EFSC programs.

Student Information

EFSC provides the student internship opportunity through credit-earning educational settings during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Visit our student info page for Internship Steps and an Interest Form you can submit. The goal is to reinforce the students' learning experience as it relates to their major course of study.

Employer Partner Information

At EFSC, we strongly support the internship as a vital element of a student's education. To better prepare them for the post-college workplace, it's in the interest of both Eastern Florida State College and local employers to create opportunities which will enable a student to gain both theoretical and practical learning experiences. The program's success depends on the time and effort invested by employers through Internship Partner Sites. Find out more about becoming a sponsor location.

Deadlines & Contact

EFSC students who qualify can apply for internships starting on the dates listed below by term:

Fall Term Internship: March 1
Spring Term Internship: September 1
Summer Term Internship: February 1

Lisa Schuler, Internship Representative
Cocoa Campus Career Center
Building 12 (Library), Room 307