Parking Update: To ease parking congestion on EFSC's Melbourne Campus, students, faculty and staff may park in the large King Center lot. Additional parking is also available at the Tennis Complex accessed from Post Road near Sherwood Elementary. Please be sure your parking permit is on your vehicle and remember that parking is only allowed in marked spaces, and is not allowed on the grass. Thank you for your patience and courtesy during this busy period.

Job Fairs

EFSC's Career Centers sponsor Job Fairs during specific times of the year that include local, regional and national employers. There is no cost for registration and participation. For questions and to be added to our notification list, contact Terri Peidro at 321-433-7324 or

On-campus Recruitment

There’s no need to wait for a job fair to gain access to EFSC students – Eastern Florida State College is the local hot spot to meet qualified candidates anytime. Your company can register to recruit on campus whenever there is an employment need. Call us to request an on-campus visit or send us and email. Please register at least three weeks before the visit to provide adequate time for marketing your recruiting date(s) and time(s) to students.

Private Interview Rooms

We offer private interviewing rooms inside each Career Center where you may interview students for a job position that you’ve posted through College Central Network Services or are offering during a recruiting visit. Call the Career Center on your preferred campus location to schedule space for interviews.

Career Center Locations

EFSC/UCF Library

Building 12, Room 307


Make a Recruiting Appointment

Click on the campus location where you’d like to meet with students.Then email us your name, phone # and email address and we’ll get in touch. Thanks for your interest in EFSC students.