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From the Pitch: An Amazing Season Ends

November 21, 2012 - Truly, it has been a great year. It is with a mix of emotions that I write this column one last time, and look back on an extraordinary season.

Last week was the most intense and important week of my soccer career.

The National Tournament, which we had worked so hard to qualify for, was held here in Melbourne. We came into the tournament as the number one seed, and the target on our back was more present than ever.

After winning our first two games, we faced our toughest challenge of the season playing Tyler Community College in the semifinal. That game - that magical morning - will be stuck in my memory forever. The heart and effort we put into that game paid off and after a fierce battle we managed to score the winning goal in the very last second.

The emotions that followed can never be described fairly with any words. It was the greatest, sweetest and most unbelievable win I have ever experienced. Right at that moment we were invincible.
But next came the final — the championship game that we had dreamed about all season.

We were ready, confident. So when Paradise Valley scored after 30 seconds into the game we were shocked, and I don’t think we ever really recovered.

We tried to play our own game, but could never get it together all the way.

Paradise scored again. And again. We tried to break loose from the grip they had caught us in, but we were unsuccessful. We fought, we tried, and we did not give up, but during that night it did not go our way.

Lois accepts the national NJCAA runner-up trophy following the loss on Nov. 17.

Life is strange in that way — that one can go from being so extremely happy one day and completely heartbroken the next.

But life goes on, and when I look back at this season it will be with no remorse. I am tremendously proud of what we have accomplished. Finishing second in the nation is not the best, but it is pretty darn close.

We are an amazing team, and it is with great sadness that I realize we have played our last game together.

I want to thank every single player for the wonderful time we have had together. You have all contributed so much to this team and our success. I love you all.

To our fantastic coaches, our trainer, the BCC staff, families, friends, supporters and to all of you who have helped this team in any way: Thank you! We could not have done it without you.

Truly, it has been a great year, and I am deeply proud of everything we have accomplished.

I will remember this season for the rest of my life, and I will look back at this time with love in my heart. I will always remember this wonderful group of young women, and all the smiles and laughter. I will always remember the great feeling of being part of an extraordinary team.

I will always remember the Titans.

Lois No. 22

Lois Edvardsson, a native of Gothenburg, Sweden, is co-captain of the Brevard Community College women's soccer team. The sophomore forward has documented the Titans' entire 2012 season in a weekly web column called From the Pitch.