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From The Pitch: National Tournament Berth Within Our Reach


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October 29, 2012 - Last week we played Polk for the last time and ended our conference with another win. We are undefeated in Florida — a great step toward our final goal — but we have a lot more to conquer.

We are now doing what we can do prepare ourselves for the most important game of the season so far. On Saturday, in the state of Mississippi, our fate will be determined. A win and we will play in the national tournament; a loss and we are done and out for the season.

We have such a great team, and I both want and truly believe we can make it. But in games like this anything can happen, and we need to pull out everything we have to compete for the win. We have to want it, we have to fight for it, and we have to play like the number one team we are meant to be. We cannot be content with what we have achieved so far, because the challenges we face are just growing larger, and we can never rest.

We are a great team, and a great team never quits. A great team works harder than all of the others to be number one. A great team sees the challenge and meets it with power.

Will we continue to be great, or will we not? It is all in our hands.

Mississippi here we come!

Lois No.22

Lois Edvardsson, a native of Gothenburg, Sweden, is co-captain of the Brevard Community College women's soccer team. The sophomore forward will be a key player as the Titans seek to earn a berth in the Nov. 12-17 NJCAA Division I national tournament, which will be held at Melbourne Central Catholic. She is documenting the Titans' season in a weekly web column called From the Pitch that will continue throughout the 2012 campaign.