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From The Pitch: First Game a Success But Work Remains


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September, 4, 2012 - The season has begun. After four tough weeks of practice, and after four challenging scrimmages, we opened our season playing St. Louis Community College at Melbourne Central Catholic.

We came out in the first half and quickly scored two goals. After that we became slow with making decisions and lost some of our pace which made it hard for us to just play simple and keep possession. We may have been nervous, it could have been the heat, but for some reason we did not play as well as we should have. 

I realize that it was our first game and we cannot expect perfection, not yet. We won 4-0, with which I am very pleased, but I know that we have a lot more to give.

We know what we want and we are starting to know how to achieve it on the pitch. For every game we play we learn something new, and we will use that knowledge to improve our team and ourselves. The season has begun, and now is the time for us to show what we are capable of.

Finally, I want to thank all the friends and family who came and cheered us on. It means a lot, and I hope to see you at our future games.

"There's a history made up by each of us, that leads us to that final victory. It's that history, in its entirety, that turns us into champions." — Jose Mourinho, Manager Real Madrid professional soccer club.

 Lois No.22 

Lois Edvardsson, a native of Gothenburg, Sweden, is co-captain of the Brevard Community College women's soccer team. The sophomore forward will be a key player as the Titans seek to earn a berth in the Nov. 12-17 NJCAA Division I national tournament, which will be held at Melbourne Central Catholic. She is documenting the Titans' season in a weekly web column called From the Pitch that will continue throughout the 2012 campaign.