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BCC's Carr: Team is Focused and Excited for National Tournament Opportunity

November 8, 2012 - The Brevard Community College women's soccer team heads into the Nov. 12-17 NJCAA Division I National Championship Tournament not only as the host but as the top seed and the nation's No. 1-ranked team.

Owner of a 13-1 record and the winner of 11 straight matches – including one forfeit – BCC opens at 9 a.m. Monday against Muskegon Community College of Michigan at Melbourne Central Catholic.

BCC head coach and Athletic Director Jeff Carr took time away from preparing his team and handling the myriad duties of tournament director to look ahead to the tournament and look back on the season.

QUESTION: Quantify your state of mind and the team's state of mind heading into nationals?

CARR: Very hectic right now as the tournament director. I'm not getting to enjoy it as much as I should. The team is very focused and excited for the opportunity.

QUESTION: This is the program's third season and you are in the national tournament. Last season you missed by a goal. Is the success a surprise?

CARR: I really believed we could get there this year. I don't think it is a surprise to any of the coaching staff or players.

QUESTION: The program had to overcome so much this season. Not having a field of its own, moving locations of games, practicing on the baseball field outfield, numerous key injuries that forced it to dig deeply into the bench players who not surprisingly stepped up. Talk about the resilience of this team.

CARR: The team plays for each other. They are there for each other on and off the field. They have each other's back. Twenty-three players, one heartbeat.

QUESTION: Also, your sophomore leadership has been exemplary. Talk about your sophomores, in particular co-captain Lois Edvardsson and newcomer Courtney Hueston.

CARR: They have been tremendous examples on and off the field; so have Morgan Taylor Smith one of the co-captains who tore her ACL and sophomore Cat Hasell who tore her meniscus. I really have a very special group of young ladies.

QUESTION: Conversely your freshman class has been outstanding. Their maturation and adaptation to the college game was not without growing pains but they are making their presence felt now. Talk about the freshmen.

CARR: The freshmen have jumped in and replaced a lot of great players who graduated last year. They are very talented and have added a lot to this team.

QUESTION: There is no disputing that players learn from coaches. Conversely coaches learn from players. What have you learned from this team?

CARR: This team has taught me that no matter the adversity it has had this year it will never quit and a different player steps up each and every time. 

QUESTION: Is there a player or are there players who have made solid contributions this season who might be off the radar? A player or player who might have otherwise escaped notice but is deserving of it?

CARR: I think we have a lot of unsung heroes who really have not gotten the attention they deserve. We have had four or five players step in and make significant contributions. Our defense has done a tremendous job all year; the entire team has contributed to our success in games and practice. Everyone is working hard for each other.

QUESTION: Will anything short of the national title be a disappointment?

CARR: Our season has been a success to get to the national tournament, but just as with the 11 other teams, only one is going to win its last game. I would love to win the national championship for our girls on the team, the girls who started the program, our coaching staff, Dr. Jim Richey our president, faculty and staff and Brevard County. It is an exciting opportunity.