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BCC Youth Golf Camp Presents Annual Awards

June 28, 2012, Cocoa, FL - The Brevard Community College P.J. Wilson/Henry Scott Youth Golf Camp concluded its 20th anniversary season on Thursday with an awards ceremony on the Cocoa campus.

The camp was begun in 1992 under the guidance of former BCC President Dr. Maxwell King with assistance from Henry Scott and P.J. Wilson, two African American golf professionals in Brevard County. For years it was known as the Minority Golf Camp because of its efforts to reach out to minorities, but it's always been open to all young people.

It continues with the support of BCC President Dr. Jim Richey, along with Dr. Joe Lee Smith, Executive Advisor to the President and Community Ambassador. Smith has been active with the camp since its inception and has volunteered countless hours assisting at the camp. Coaches for this year were Roosevelt Jackson, Isaac Johnson and Jamie Howell. Don Williams, a key organizer of the camp for 15 years, was a guest at the awards ceremony. 

Wilson passed away in 2000 and Scott in 2002.

The 2012 camp scholarship recipient was Jeremiah Fontaine, 14, Melbourne.

"The scholarship is awarded each year to one student who embodies all that the camp is about, carrying on the tradition of introducing the game and offering the opportunity of access for the youth of Brevard County in memory of Mr. Scott and Mr. Wilson," BCC head golf coach Jamie Howell said.

"The recipient shows not only a commitment to learning more about golf but also being a good citizen, respecting academics, displaying good sportsmanship, and possessing character consistent with the spirit of Mr. Scott and Mr. Wilson."

The scholarship covers tuition for two years, up to achieving requirements for the student to receive an Associate in Arts Degree from BCC.

Recognition also was given to campers in three groups: Instructor Roosevelt Jackson's group for beginning golfers who have never played; instructor Isaac Johnson's group for intermediate golfers who have some background in the game and Howell's group for experienced athletes who have played and competed.

Among those honored were:
Jackson's Group
Sportsmanship: Jacob Roberts, 13, Merritt Island.
Most improved: Charvoris Roy, 14, Patrick Air Force Base.
Best attitude: Rachael Lott, 11, Cocoa.

Johnson's Group
Sportsmanship: Amber Workman, 10, Merritt Island.
Most improved: Zocha Pomp, 14, Cocoa.
Best attitude: Joshua Leon, 12, Merritt Island.

Howell's Group
Sportsmanship: Sabella Goodwin, 14, Merritt Island.
Most improved: Bryon Weikle, 14, Merritt Island.
Best attitude: Trevor Gipson, 16, Cocoa.

Registration for the 2013 camp opens next May. For more information contact Howell via email at or call 321-504-2073.