Eastern Florida State College Tuition and Fee Schedules

The District Board of Trustees establishes the Eastern Florida State College Fee Schedule for each academic year that begins July 1 within the guidelines approved by the Florida Legislature. The schedule contains tuition, lab fees, test fees, fines and other fees that students may be assessed. It also includes any public usage fees that might apply to EFSC facilities. The Schedule is subject to change within the academic year with the approval of the Trustees.

You can view selected fees in the accordion below. To view the complete EFSC Fee Schedule, click here for the PDF version. Important PDF Fee Schedule Note: To be sure you access the current PDF version of the EFSC Fee Schedule, we recommend you refresh your browser window after opening the document or clear your browser's cache.

Click category for common EFSC 2016-17 student fees

Application Fees

The application fee for admission is a one-time, non-refundable fee.

 Status  Fee
 U.S. Citizens/Permanent Resident  $30
 International Student*  $60

* The application for admission to Eastern Florida State College will not be processed until payment of the fee is received. Most U.S. citizens may apply and pay online to save time.

Limited access programs, such as Health Sciences, Nursing, Public Safety and Workforce may have additional application fees.

External Test Proctor Fees

External Test Proctor Fees (formerly known as Learning Lab Fees)*
 Florida resident with high school diploma (per exam)*  $35
 Non-Florida resident with high school diploma (per exam)*  $60

*NOTE: EFSC students accepted for or enrolled in clock-hour or college credit classes are exempt from Test Proctor Fees. Fees may be waived by the president or designee. (end here)

Graduation Fees

The following graduation related fees are all $20:

  • Initial graduation application fee
  • Diploma for second or subsequent degree
  • Late fee
  • Duplicate or replacement diploma
  • Graduation Re-application fee

Students planning to graduate must clear all financial obligations prior to graduation. Diplomas and official transcripts will not be released until all financial obligations are paid in full.

Internet Fee/Student Access Fee

Wi-Fi/Print Access Fee (per student/per semester)                                                                   $10

Lab Fees

Course Lab Fees are set by the College's Board of Trustees. Click Here to review Course Lab Fee information. Important PDF Download Note: To ensure you are viewing the most current 2016-17 Course Lab Fee list, we recommend you refresh your browser window after opening the form or clear your browser's cache.

Late Registration Fee

A late registration fee of $50 will be assessed to all students who register for classes after each part of term's published fee due date (the fee is assessed during each part of term's add/drop period). Check the Important Term Dates for the fee due dates, to make sure you register for classes in time to avoid the late fee.

Nursing & Health Sciences Institute Fees

Health Science and Institute of Nursing Fees
 Application Fee  $25
 Accident Insurance  $10.50
 Health Program Liability Insurance  $16
 Dental Assisting Instrument Kit  $50
 Dental Hygiene Instrument Kit (Freshman year- pre-clinical)  $650
 Dental Hygiene Instrument Kit (Sophomore- Clinic I)  $875
 Dental Hygiene Community Dental Health Kit  $45
 Dental Radiology Kit  $150
 Health Sciences Certificate (duplicate)  $5

Online Payment Convenience Fee

Fee not to exceed 3% of online payment amount. Payments made online will incur a non-refundable convenience fee to cover the cost of the transaction. The fee is established by the College's third-party payment processor to cover credit card/debit card transaction fees assessed by credit card companies.

For your convenience, online payments are accepted via checking, savings and credit cards. There is a 2.75% convenience fee per credit card transaction. There will be no convenience fee when making a payment with your checking or savings account. Please have your routing and bank account numbers available if paying by checking or savings online.

Parking Permit

Students who wish to park a vehicle on any of EFSC’s four campuses must purchase a parking permit at a cost of $40, plus tax per vehicle, per academic year, July 1 through June 30. Click here for more information on parking permits.

Public Safety Institute

Public Safety Institute Application Fee


Basic Law Enforcement Academy Applicant/Brevard Police Testing Center Fee (PAT, Poly, Psych, Prints, Credit, etc.)


EMT/Paramedic Academy Applicant/Brevard Police Testing Center Fee


To view full Brevard Police Testing and Selection Center fees check Fee Schedule.


Returned Check Fee

Returned Check Fees
 Description  Fee
Processing Fee (whichever is greater of the amount of the check, applied for every returned check) Checks less than or equal to $50  $25
In the even that a check was returned due to an error made by a banking institution, then with the submission of a letter from the banking institution acknowledging their error, the processing fee will be waived. For checks exceeding $50 but not exceeding $300  $30
EFSC will not accept any check for college payments if the student incurs two returned checks. For checks exceeding $300 $40 or 5% of the amount of check whichever is greater

Testing Fees

 Description  Fee
 CAEL (per each course attempted for portfolio review  $60
 CLEP ($80 per exam)*  $80*
 EFSC CLEP non-refundable test service fee ($25 per exam)  $25
 Credit by Examination Fee (per course, whether or not the student passes the test)  $50
 DSST ($80 per exam)* formerly called DANTES*  $80*
 DSST non-refundable test service fee ($25 per exam)  $25
 Industry Certification (non-EFSC students)*  $75*
 Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS Test) - Health Science/Nursing Programs  $70
EFSC Proctor Fee for non-EFSC Students - Florida Resident per exam  $35
EFSC Proctor Fee for non-EFSC Students - Non-Florida Resident per exam  $60
PERT Retest Fee (per subject)  $10
 * Fees subject to change; determined by Test Publisher.

Tuition Rates

Tuition Rates 2016 - 2017

Rate includes general per/hour fees when applicable

 Resident  $104.00
 Non-Resident  $405.76
Resident  $128.51
Non-Resident  $508.92
 CLOCK HOUR (Certificate Programs)
 Resident  $2.56
 Non-Resident  $10.25


Non-Credit Course Fees
Non-credit classes vary in cost according to length, materials and instructor costs. Fees are advertised with class announcements. Check with Technical and Professional Training and at 321-433-7500 for information on available classes and fees.

Workforce Programs

Application fee for Cosmetology, Facial and Nails Programs: $25

 Facial Kit  $350
 Nails Kit  $350