EFSC Grading Policies

EFSC uses a 4.00 grading scale. Students are awarded letter grades for coursework attempted. The letter grades and point scale used in GPA computation are:

A  Excellent  4 points
B  Good  3 points
C  Satisfactory  2 points
D  Poor*  1 point
F  Failure  0 points

* A "D" grade earned in English, math, humanities, or social or behavioral science course work will not satisfy general education requirements for the A.A. and some A.S. degree programs and will be counted only as elective credit.

Satisfactory (S) and Unsatisfactory (U) letter grades are not used when computing grades.

The following table contains information about other grades that are not used in GPA computation, and have special requirements. You'll also find information about the Academic Second Chance process. Click each choice to read details.

AU: Audit

Awarded to a student who enrolls in a credit class for enrichment but not for credit and requests the audit status in writing. Student must pay the regular fees and meet appropriate course prerequisites. No credit is earned. To change enrollment from credit to audit or audit to credit, a student must contact the Admissions and Records Office before the established deadline. Vocational and college developmental education courses may not be audited.
Note: Financial Aid and Veteran students will not receive benefits for audit classes.

I: Incomplete

At the instructor’s discretion, a grade of “I – Incomplete” may be given when a student is unable to complete the required coursework because of clearly documented extenuating circumstances; however, the student must have demonstrated through successful completion of at least 75% of the coursework that they have a reasonable chance of making a passing grade.
Instructors who award a grade of “I” must submit an Incomplete Grade Form (IGF) and provide a copy of the form to the student and department chair. The instructor must document on the IGF the work already completed during the term, as well as outstanding requirements, files the IGF with the department chair, and provides a copy to the student.

• A grade of “I” cannot be assigned to a course if the student drops or withdraws from the course.

• A grade of “I” does not satisfy the prerequisite need of subsequent courses.

• Students must make arrangements with the instructor to complete coursework for the removal of the “I”. The coursework must be completed prior to the last class day in the next major term immediately following the initial course attempt.

• To process the grade change, the instructor will submit a Grade Change Form through appropriate channels prior to the last class day of the next major term (spring and fall).

• The “I” grade will convert to an “F” on the permanent record if not removed by the last class day of the next major term (summer term is excluded.)

• Instructors may not submit a Grade Change Form to change the converted “F” for work submitted after the deadline for the completion of coursework.

• Students may not re-enroll in a course in which they have an outstanding grade of “I”. Once the “I” has changed to an “F,” students MUST re-enroll in the course and use the grade forgiveness procedure.

• An “I” received in the term of graduation will be calculated as an “F” for purposes of computing the student’s GPA for graduation if the course is not required for graduation.

• If the course is required for graduation, students who receive an “I” grade in the term they apply to graduate have three weeks from the beginning of the next term to have the grade changed. After that time, students must reapply for graduation and pay the reapplication fee in the term they complete the work.

N Grade

“N” grades are awarded only in college developmental education courses when student has made satisfactory progression in work attempted but has not achieved all course objectives. To pass the class, re-enrollment is required.

W: Withdrawal

Assigned if a student officially withdraws by the established deadline in the Schedule of Classes or the college administratively withdraws the student for reasons such as non-compliance of rules or extenuating circumstances. See Maximum Attempts Per Course and Withdrawal.


Assigned to students who are called to active military duty. Student must submit a copy of his/her orders to the Associate Provost. The student and Associate Provost will determine whether a tuition refund or Incomplete is appropriate. A “W6” is non-punitive and does not count in course attempts.


Assigned to students who are reported by the instructor as never attending a course. The “W7” will appear as a final grade and will count in course attempts.


Assigned to students who are reported by the instructor as having stopped attending a course. The “W8” will appear as a final grade and will count in course attempts.

Academic Second Chance

Academic Second Chance allows qualified students to petition for up to two semesters of coursework to be excluded from the student’s cumulative GPA. All quality points from the courses within the Academic Second Chance semester will be removed from the academic record and any passing grades will not be used for degree completion. Coursework eligible for Academic Second Chance must be at least five years old and the student must have completed a minimum of 12 credits with a “C” or better since re-enrollment. Students inquiring about Academic Second Chance petition procedures and qualifications should meet with an academic advisor.

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