EFSC Class Attendance and Religious Observances

Continued Classroom Participation

In order to obtain credit for a course, a student must demonstrate continued classroom participation as identified by the faculty to meet the competencies of the course. Students in contact hour courses must maintain documentation of the required hours completed in each course.

Instructor Attendance Policy

Faculty members shall publish and distribute a class syllabus at the inception of each course. The syllabus should include the instructor's individual policies and procedures on student absenteeism, special circumstances under which students' absences may be excused, and their stipulations for making up work and exams missed during instructor-excused absences. Faculty members are given the option of allowing a student to complete the course based on the individual student's circumstances and the faculty member's assessment of student's progress in the course. Students in contact hour courses must meet the contact hour requirement for the course.

The College recognizes the correlation between attendance and both student retention and achievement. Any class session or activity missed, regardless of cause, reduces the opportunity for learning and may adversely affect a student’s achievement in the course. Class attendance is required beginning with the first class meeting, and students are expected to attend all class sessions for which they are registered. It is the responsibility of the student to arrange to make up all course work missed because of legitimate class absences and to notify the instructor when an absence will occur. The instructor determines the effect of absences on grades. Students who are reported as never attending a course may be withdrawn from the class by the College. Funds may be adjusted or rescinded for students who are receiving financial aid or veterans’ benefits.

Religious Holidays

In accordance with federal and state statutes, students enrolled in credit or certificate courses may be granted excused absences from classes that are scheduled during a religious holiday. The student must request from the instructor approval for the absence, in writing, the first week of class. Absences due to religious holidays are excluded from all absence calculations. In case of such absences, the instructor shall provide equivalent assignments or the opportunity to make-up missed work without penalty. [FS 1001.64]

Clock Hour Class Attendance

No more than 10% of class time may be considered excused absences that are not required to be made up. An instructor may follow a stricter policy in his/her class. If a student needs to make up hours beyond the 10% excused absence policy, make-up clock hours must be completed under instructor supervision by the last published class date for the completion period. Makeup hours must be recorded, signed by the instructor, and submitted to financial aid on the approved form. No more than 10% of class time may be considered excused absences. An instructor may follow a stricter policy in his/her class. Attendance Records: instructors must take attendance; they must be able to prove attendance by documented evidence.