TABE Testing Information

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The Test of Adult Basic Education tests skills and aptitudes in reading, math, and English, as you'll apply them in the workforce or classroom. Although there's no such thing as passing or failing the TABE test, your score can determine your eligibility for many programs that can have a positive effect on your life situation.

EFSC uses the Level A Complete Battery for certain Career and Technical Certificate (CTC) programs and for admissions points to some limited access programs. Test administration is computer based and performed in the Campus Testing offices by appointment only. TABE 11&12 is aligned with College and Career Readiness (CCR) standards and complies with today's rigorous Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) regulations.

The test consists of three subtests: Reading (parts 1 and 2), Math (parts 1 and 2), and Language. By using the Online Version of the TABE, a student may progress through the subtests at their own pace, up to the maximum time allotments in each section. Each subject includes approximately 40 questions and time allotments are:

  • Reading Part I: 60 Minutes
  • Reading Part II: 60 Minutes
  • Math Part I: 60 Minutes
  • Math Part II: 30 Minutes (scientific calculator provided)
  • Language: 45 Minutes

TABE subtests contain the following types of questions:

  • Selected-response items (all subtests)
  • Gridded-response items (Math only)
  • Technology-enhanced items, such as drag & drop, select text, etc
  • Multiple-select items
  • Evidence-based selected response items
  • Two-part items (selected-response or multiple-select items)

In accordance with State Administrative Code, students enrolled in CTC programs that require TABE must complete testing within the first six weeks after beginning classes in the program.

TABE 11&12 content stresses the integration and application of instructional skills in contexts meaningful to adult learners. Literacy is a key for adult learners. TABE 11&12 measures it in these three key types: Foundational Skills, Literary Texts, and Informational Texts. Scores are expressed as scaled scores (expressed as the value of actual number correct out of total possible). Scores are valid for two years from the test date until the date a student enters a program of study and remain valid with continuous enrollment. Eastern Florida offers resources for preparing and also a remediation process available through Career and Technical Program Academic Support.

Minimum basic skill levels in math, language and reading are defined in each vocational program description. View EFSC Testing Center locations and the assessments offered at each.

Exit From Career and Technical Certificate (CTC) Programs For Students Starting Fall Term 201839

PROGRAM  CODE      9/10 Grade Equivalency 11/12 Scaled Score
Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, & Heating Technology AIR2 9 10 9 576 627 584
Aviation Airframe Mechanics ACAM 10 10 9 597 627 584
Aviation Powerplant Mechanics APPM 10 10 9 597 627 584
Cosmetology COS2 9 8 8 576 577 572
Dental Assisting (ATD) DATD 10 10 10 597 627 608
Pharmacy Technician (ATD) PHTD 10 11 10 597 657 608
Practical Nursing LPN2 11 11 11 617 657 631
Welding Technology WEL2 9 9 9 576 596 584

NOTE: Students enrolled in programs of 450 hours or more that require a state, national, or industry licensure exam for employment must be initially tested (unless one of the approved exemptions is met.).  If upon program completion, the student documents passage of the licensure exam within six months of program completion, the basic skills exit requirement is waived.