Statewide policy allows students to pursue college developmental education through alternatives to the traditional college prep courses offered by the College. This includes private providers of instruction. Students who pursue alternate remediation will be required to pass a placement test to document the attainment of required skills. A minimum of two weeks must transpire between each Alternate Remediation effort and test administration.

Alternate remediation may be completed through commercial online coursework. EFSC currently accepts certificates of course completion from This private vendor offers alternatives to all college prep math, reading and writing courses and an "Online Math Anxiety Reduction" course. Tuition varies and the cost for each course, course materials, and the specific contact for information are available on the website. Contact:

Alternative methods of instruction include training provided by a licensed private provider. The student must provide documentation of successful completion of remediation to schedule a PERT retest. If the student demonstrates competency by achieving college ready cut scores, they may progress to college level coursework in the subject area without enrollment in developmental education. Submit documentation to a campus testing specialist.

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