Enrollment for High Schoolers

High school is the perfect time to explore your options at Eastern Florida State College, whether it’s planning for future enrollment once high school is done or getting a head start by taking college courses now. Eastern Florida offers several Accelerated Education Programs designed for currently enrolled high school students.

  • Dual Enrollment is the most common, allowing qualified public, private and home education students in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades to enroll in selected college and vocational credit courses offered by EFSC. With Dual Enrollment, the postsecondary credits that are earned count toward both a college degree or certificate and a high school diploma.

Click here to explore Dual Enrollment options, including Early Admission for qualified high school seniors, and the requirements, plus how to apply.

  • Career & Technical Education (CTE)/Advance Standing: Students who have recently completed approved CTE programs at Brevard Public Schools may be eligible to receive Eastern Florida State College credit at no cost. EFSC and Brevard Public Schools have established agreements in specific technical programs that allow students to receive accelerated college credit in related college technical program areas. CTE/Advance Standing Credit allows students to avoid duplication of course content. CTE/Advance Standing Credit agreements are designed for students who are working toward an associate in science degree, a college credit certificate or a Career and Technical Certificate. Students must petition the college Registrar within three years of high school graduation to have CTE/Advance Standing credit placed on their college record. View the high school to college credit agreements for more information on this option. You can also view the Brevard Public Schools' CTE Programs of Study website and learn more about programs of study that help current high school students meet graduation requirements while including CTE courses. Click here to learn more about all of EFSC's technical programs.

After you complete High School:

Once you take a course at Eastern Florida State College as a high school student, you are also an Eastern Florida student. If you continue your education at EFSC after high school graduation, do not submit a new application for admission. Instead you need to:


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