Be prepared for a campus emergency

Be sure you're signed up for Titan Alerts, Eastern Florida State College's Emergency Alert Notification system that delivers reliable text and email messages anytime there's an emergency on campus or threatening weather that poses a safety concern. Log into the myEFSC portal and click the Titan Alerts link to update your contact information.

Also respond to emergency messages delivered through our telephone system's reverse calling feature which can send audio alerts to the telephone speaker right in your classroom or office.

If you receive an emergency, always follow the alert's instructions, such as to stay where you are, lock doors or evacuate to a designated area. During an emergency, also expect to interact with campus secruity and local law enforcement agencies. Follow their orders, which are designed to keep you safe.

Review Our Emergency Plan

Faculty, staff and students should refer to the College's Emergency Management Response Plan to prepare themselves for addressing potential disasters at the College. The document covers multiple and diverse scenarios, including weather emergencies, criminal incidents and utility failures.

We also want you to be prepared at home and know that many have not prepared their most valuable resources, their own family, for potential disasters. Getting ready is not difficult and it could help you and your family survive a serious disaster. Check the links in the right column for valuable information to help you prepare your family and possessions for potential disasters.

Fire Safety

Fire is the most common disaster faced at work. Knowing safe practices and techniques for safely evacuating an area on fire is essential to reducing the chance of being injured. The College's procedures for responding to a fire are covered in the Emergency Management Response Plan.

Safe Evacuation Techniques

  • Upon activating or hearing a fire alarm, leave the building.
  • If there is smoke, crawl underneath it.
  • Always use the stairs and not the elevator.
  • Feel doors before opening.
  • Close doors behind you as a firewall.

Preventing Fires

  • Make sure you keep your work area neat and clean.
  • Do not plug more than two pieces of equipment into an electrical outlet.
  • Do not use space heaters at work.
  • Place trash in waste containers.

Titan Alerts

Receive text and email messages through our Emergency Alert Notification system. Log into the myEFSC portal and click the Titan Alerts link to update your contact information.

Emergency Related Websites