Helpful Hints for businesses interested in doing business with EFSC:

  • The Bid Response Forms (or other appropriate forms) in the Invitation to Bid (ITB) must be signed by an authorized person with the authority to legally bind your company.
  • Written Quotes must be signed by an authorized official of the firm.
  • Bid Security must accompany your bid, when required by the ITB.
  • Supporting literature (if required) must accompany bid documents.
  • Addenda must be acknowledged.
  • Items must be delivered exactly as bid by awarded bidder.
  • Respond to every ITB which you may receive - if the response has to be "No Bid," that is acceptable; it tells Procurement Services that you do not wish to bid at this time. State the reason for the "No Bid". Failure to respond with a "No Bid" may result in your firm's name being removed from the Bidder List.
  • Immediately contact Procurement Services to clarify any questions you may have.
  • If you should have any concerns regarding the Terms and Conditions of the ITB, please let us know via fax or e-mail. We will take your concerns into consideration.  

Be Careful

The College, School Board, Brevard County, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Sheriff's Office and cities within Brevard County are separate entities, and will not accept bids in response to other entities' Invitations to Bid. Each has their own procedures for doing business and separate Vendor Lists. Should you wish to do business with any or all of these entities, you must contact each separately.


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