Fast, free service for all faculty & staff

Since late May 2012, all standard black-and-white and color copies have been free for EFSC faculty and staff. You read that right: free syllabi, free handouts, free tests — with no charge for stapling, spiral binding or perfect binding.

Service is fast: submit your project by 7 AM via our online Job Request Form (or send it campus mail or drop it by our Cocoa office) and your completed job will be sent to you through Campus Mail by 8:30 AM that same day! It's a level of service you can't beat and it's much more cost effective then using a department copy machine that's not designed for such a heavy print load.

When you submit your job, include the following details:

  • Your name
  • Campus, Building and Room #
  • Details about how you want it copied: ie. single or double-sided
  • Do you want it collated and stapled?
  • Do you need it hole-punched for a three-hole binder or two-holes at the top?
  • Any special instructions or need for binding? Remember we don't need an Index # because these copies are free!

Any questions, just call us at 433-7486 or 7489.

Copyright Infringement Punishable by Fine/Imprisonment: Federal law prohibits unauthorized reproduction/distribution of copyrighted material. It is your obligation to ensure material requested for reproduction is not copyrighted or that your use of copyrighted work does not constitute copyright infringement. You'll find more information on copyright issues in the Library Cpyright LibGuide.

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Cocoa Campus, Building 14, Room 147

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