Learning Outcomes: Public Safety Management BAS

  1. Examines the primary aspects of public safety organizations.
    • Supports Core Ability: Model Ethical and Civic Responsibility
  2. Examines the process and implementation of emergency management planning.
    • Supports Core Ability: Communicate Effectively
  3. Explores full implementation of national standards and the development of the national response framework.
    • Supports Core Ability: Work Cooperatively
  4. Differentiates between federal, state and local public safety laws along with FEMA's role in policy pertaining to natural and man-made disasters.
    • Supports Core Ability: Process Information
  5. Integrates knowledge, skills and abilities learned to propose a plan for public safety managers to implement in the event of a catastrophic event.
    • Supports Core Ability: Think Critically and Solve Problems

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