Learning Outcomes: Nursing RN A.S.

  1. Design holistic caring interventions derived from scientific knowledge, evidence-based practices and teaching-learning principles
    • Supports Core Ability: Process Information
  2. Integrate communication skills and information technology effectively to achieve positive client outcomes
    • Supports Core Ability: Communicate Effectively
  3. Formulate clinical decisions based on the nursing process for patients from diverse cultural backgrounds
    • Supports Core Ability: Think Critically & Solve Problems
  4. Perform nursing care in a safe, competent and compassionate manner
    • Supports Core Ability: Process Information
  5. Collaborate with members of interdisciplinary team to promote and maintain patient health and wellness
    • Supports Core Ability: Work Cooperatively
  6. Model professional behaviors by practicing legal, ethical and regulatory frameworks of nursing
    • Supports Core Ability: Model Ethical & Civic Responsibility

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