Learning Outcomes: Healthcare Management BAS

  1. Demonstrate the techniques leaders use to motivate and evaluate individuals and teams.
    • Supports Core Ability: Work Cooperatively
  2. Apply ethical practices in a business environment.
    • Supports Core Ability:  Model Ethical and Civic Responsibility
  3. Evaluate health care ethics and law.
    • Supports Core Ability:  Model Ethical and Civic Responsibility
  4. Apply management and leadership theories and practice in program and resource management.
    • Supports Core Ability:  Process Information
  5. Analyze strategies and frameworks used by leaders to initiate change in organizations.
    • Supports Core Ability:  Think Critically and Solve Problems
  6. Demonstrate written and oral presentation skills expected of an organizational manager.
    • Supports Core Ability:  Communicate Effectively
  7. Apply operational decision-making to develop a business improvement plan.
    • Supports Core Ability:  Work Cooperatively

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