Learning Outcomes: Computed Tomography ATC

  1. Demonstrate competent patient assessment prior to examinations
    • Core Ability Supported: Communicate Effectively
  2. Perform computed tomographic examinations of the abdomen and pelvis.
    • Core Ability Supported: Think Critically and Solve Problems
  3. Demonstrate appropriate level of support in a professional clinical setting.
    • Core Ability Supported: Work Cooperatively
  4. Determine indicated CT procedure for specific anatomical structures, patient symptoms, or pathology
    • Core Ability Supported: Process Information.
  5. Explore professional responsibilities of the technologist.
    • Core Ability Supported: Model Ethical and Civic Responsibility
  6. Summarize historical perspectives of computed tomography.
    • Core Ability Supported: Process Information
  7. Identify by name and location anatomical structures located within the head.
    • Core Ability Supported: Process information

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