Learning Outcomes: Aerospace Technology A.S.

  1. Demonstrate electrical skills that reflect the basic understanding of electrical circuits, the ability to use basic test equipment, and the ability to fabricate electrical and fiber optic cables.
    • Supports Core Ability: Process Information
  2. Practice shop safety, personal safety, equipment safety and proper usage of tools and equipment
    • Supports Core Ability: Model Ethical and Civic Responsibility
  3. Fabricate a capstone project specific to aerospace utilizing technical reports, blueprints and other data sources. Troubleshooting and repair of electrical, mechanical, and fluid systems will be required. reports, blueprints and other data sources.
    • Supports Core Ability: Think Critically and Solve Problems
  4. Demonstrate mechanical skills that reflect the ability to use hand tools bench tools, and precision measuring equipment to fabricate projects from blueprints and technical specifications
    • Supports Core Ability: Communicate Effectively
  5. Demonstrate the ability to work with composite materials including understanding what composite materials are and to use processes such as vacuum bagging to fabricate basic parts.
    • Supports Core Ability: Work Cooperatively

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