Student Achievement Goals

Pursuant with the Florida College System’s (FCS) strategic plan, “Stepping Up Florida,” Eastern Florida State College has determined Student Achievement Goals as outlined in the table below. Additionally, all programs have discipline-specific student learning outcomes designed to measure student learning and enhance student success. The College tracks student success results analysis.

Measure Cohort/Group of Students FCS Average EFSC Actual  Goals4
AA Retention Fall 2009 tracked through Spring 20131 64.9% 69.1% 71.2%
AS Retention Fall 2009 tracked through Spring 20131 51.4% 52.6% 62.3%
Associate Degree Graduation Rates Within 150% of normal time Fall 2009 Cohort2 35.4% 41.9% 48.0%
Associate Degree Transfer to SUS
(upper division)
2009-10 Associate Grads2 50.0% 55.4% 57.0%
Job Placement Rate 2010-11 Completers3 67.5% 63.4% 61.0%

Table Source Guide
1 From FCS Accountability Reports prepared by the Florida College System and delivered directly to colleges.
2 From Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) Transparency and Accountability Website
3 From Florida Education & Training Information Program (FETPIP), a FLDOE department; data provided directly to the college
4 Goals established by FCS, Aligned for cohort