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Employee Assistance Program

All of us are subject to personal problems, including stress, marital conflict, family problems and financial pressures — to mention only a few. That's where an Employee Assistance Program can help.

Eastern Florida State College's Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is provided by BayCare Behavioral Health. All full time College employees and their dependents are automatically covered under the EAP.

The EAP is a completely confidential service that allows full time employees and their families to receive counseling for problems not usually covered under group health plans. Licensed and insured EAP counselors will help supervisors, employees and family members deal with problematic job and personal situations.

The EAP also provides services related to drug-free workplace programs, wellness programs, supervisor training and on-site workshops.

The EAP is separate from the group health plan. Typically, up to five visits are provided at no cost to the employee.

How Services Are Available

If a full-time employee or family member needs help, he or she simply calls BayCare by dialing the 24-hour toll-free number, 1-800-878-5470. Calls for routing appointments are usually received during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30 AM - 5 PM.) Providers are available weekdays, weeknights and weekends for appointments. During any other time, the program can handle emergency situations 24-hours a day.

An Intake Coordinator will schedule an appointment with a provider who best suits the patient's needs. At the time of the visit, a comprehensive assessment and evaluation will be made, and the clinician will coordinate an appropriate counseling or referral plan. The service is confidential. No information will be released without the patient's authorization, except as expressly authorized or required under law.

Available Services

Baycare Behavioral Health
24-Hour Toll-Free Number:

Want to explore topics online? You can access BayCare's Employee Assistance Program website and sign up for an individual account as an EFSC employee.

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