Adjunct Opportunities, Assignment Information & Application

If you're interested in teaching at Eastern Florida State College, the application and your research about potential openings can be done online. Contact the Department Offices on each of our four campuses and in the e-Learning department, which track the need for adjunct faculty in your area of expertise. Contact information is in the Academic Departments web section where you can search by both location and subject area. You can also view common high-demand adjunct needs and salary information on EFSC's ongoing adjunct position posting.

Before one can be considered as an applicant for hire, one must:
  • Have a completed online application on file [Once an application is started, click here to return to it]
  • Have official transcripts on file (sent directly from the institution to the Human Resources Office)
  • Provide transcripts that verify graduation from a SACS-approved or CHEA-recognized institution, with 18 hours in the discipline of teaching choice or meet minimum qualifications in the Technical, Vocational or Continuing Education instructional areas
  • Be credentialed through Human Resources, according to SACS requirements, to teach a specific course in a specific discipline
  • Submit copies of appropriate licenses or certificates (when applicable).

Once an applicant has been selected as a candidate for an adjunct faculty position, the candidate is to complete the required employee forms and tasks.

Questions about any step in this process may be directed to the Office of Human Resources, 321-433-7070.

Adjunct Faculty Assignment Information

Assignment Variables
Instructional Assignment Forms for part-time instructional personnel may provide for employment by the day, by the semester hour or by the clock hour.

While the College values the dedication and commitment of adjunct faculty, there is no guarantee that when an adjunct is hired and assigned to teach a specific class, the class will actually be held. Low enrollment, program eliminations, etc. may affect whether the class will be cancelled.

The decision to cancel is usually made within 24 hours of the closing of general registration. At that time, adjunct faculty affected by cancellations will be notified by a phone call from the division office.

When a class does have sufficient enrollment, the employment terms between the College and the adjunct faculty member are for a single semester only and do not imply automatic renewal for future semesters.

Eighty-Percent Rule
• Part-time faculty shall not be assigned for more than 80% of a full teaching load.
• Exceptions requested by Provosts may be authorized by the Office of Human Resources for emergencies on a term-by-term or case-by-case basis.

Dual-Employment Rule
Non-exempt employees may not be employed in different categories simultaneously. Example: part-time faculty may not also work as an hourly employee