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Florida Professional Guardianship

Hours: 40
Fee: $290
Course Number: LAEX 0044

This course is required for all persons desiring a career as a professional guardian and will be offered once a year in the fall term. This Florida Statewide Public Guardianship Office approved curriculum has been developed to provide information on the roles, responsibilities, work processes and statutes pertinent to guardianship in the State of Florida. Taught by attorneys, financial planners and professional care managers the course covers:
•    History of guardianship
•    Types of guardianship
•    Maintenance and termination of guardianship
•    Required forms
•    Guardianship business best practices

Florida Non-Professional Guardianship-Person & Property

Hours: 8
Fee: $80
Course Number: LAEX 0225

Offered twice a year (fall & spring), this course is required of each person appointed by the court to be a guardian and must be completed within 4 months after appointment. Taught by attorneys, financial planners, & professional care managers, it's co-sponsored by EFSC, the judges of the 18th Judicial Circuit, & the Brevard Guardianship Association. Curriculum addresses the legal duties and responsibilities of a guardian, the rights of the ward, the preparation of guardianship reports, including financial accounting for the ward’s property. It also covers the history of Guardianship in Florida, types of Guardianship, maintenance & termination of Guardianship and required forms.

Florida Non-Professional Guardianship-Minors

Hours: 4
Fee: $45
Course Number: LAEX 0241

This Florida Statewide Public Guardianship Office approved course is scheduled in both the fall & spring semesters and offers an overview of all the elements of the Florida non-professional guardianship process for minors and meets Florida statutory guardianship educational requirements. Curriculum addresses legal duties and responsibilities of the guardian of the property, annual guardianship accounts for the ward’s property and termination of the guardianship.

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