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Continuing Fire Education

In the Fire Science Program we encourage students to take the college credit courses that will lead to a degree. If, however, you want to take a couple of courses for a certificate or personal enrichment, we encourage you to take non-credit courses.

Crse No. Subject Class-room On-line
FIFX 0304 Aerial Operations X  
FIFX 0120 Building Construction and Codes X  
FIFX 0720 Company Officer Leadership X  
FIFX 0770 Ethical & Legal Issues for the Fire Svc X  
FIFX 0302 Fire Apparatus Operator X  
FIFX 0111 Fire Chemistry X  
FIFX 0780 Fire Department Administration X  
FIFX 1793 Fire & Life Safety Educator X  
FIFX 0301 Fire Hydraulics X  
FIFX 0740 Fire Service Instructor X  
FIFX 0741 Fire Service Course Design X  
FIFX 0510 Fire Protection Codes & Standards X  
FIFX 0540 Fire Protections Systems & Ext. Agents X  
FIFX 0810 Firefighting Tactics and Strategies I X  
FIFX 0811 Firefighting Tactics & Strategies II X  
FIFX 0505 Fundamentals of Fire Prevention X  
FIFX 1000 Introduction to Fire Sciences X  
FIFX 0070 Marine Fire Fighting Land-Based X  
FIFX 0047 I-300 X  
FIFX 0610 Orgin and Cause X  
FIFX 0521 Plans Exam and Blue Print Reading X  
FIFX 0051 Rope Rescue X  

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