Parking Update: To ease parking congestion on EFSC's Melbourne Campus, students, faculty and staff may park in the large King Center lot. Additional parking is also available at the Tennis Complex accessed from Post Road near Sherwood Elementary. Please be sure your parking permit is on your vehicle and remember that parking is only allowed in marked spaces, and is not allowed on the grass. Thank you for your patience and courtesy during this busy period.

Additional Information for Accepted EMT Students

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All students accepted in the EMT program will be required to submit a completed physical exam form prior to entrance into a clinical agency. (Physical Exam forms will be available only to those students accepted).


All accepted students will be required to purchase professional liability insurance through EFSC for $26.50. This policy will cover students during their training.

Background Check/Drug Screen:

All accepted students must have completed a criminal background check and any required screening. This is handled for the EMT program by the Brevard Police Testing and Selection Center. The acceptance letter will explain the process. Failure to complete these steps will result in forfeiture of your spot in the class. Per state regulations, if you have been convicted of a felony you may not be eligible for state certification. To be sure, contact the state office of EMS at 1-850-245-4440.