Test Registration and Fee Information

Sign up for testing through the Brevard Police Testing Center using our testing registration form. Registrations will be accepted with payment of all fees. Payments must be made by money order or certified check only, either in person at BPTC or by mail. Mail-in registrations will receive a confirmation via a phone call. Fees must be paid with one money order made payable to Brevard Police Testing Center.


Applicants are responsible for ensuring that they meet BPTC Admission Standards.  If you are unsure, please call for a free consultation before submitting any payments.

Assessment Process Fee: $500, Money Order only to BPTC

CJBAT Fee (not included in assessment process fee): $75, Money Order only to BPTC

Mail the registration form and fees to:
Assessment Process Registration
Brevard Police Testing Program
3865 North Wickham Road
Melbourne, FL 32935

Testing Availability

It is highly recommended that you test at least six months prior to the desired Academy start date. Law Enforcement and Corrections Academy applicants do not need an appointment for testing. 

The CJBAT is offered Monday through Thursday, except holidays, no appointment needed, but tests starts at 8 AM or 1 PM.

Special administrations are available under certain circumstances. Accommodations are always available for applicants with disabilities. For special administration or accommodations please contact our office at 321-433-5638.

Test date cutoffs for Academy processing are absolute, with no exceptions.

Study Guides for the CJBAT are available from the test vendor Morris and McDaniel, Inc. of Alexandria, Virginia.  The use of a study guide is an applicant's personal choice. BPTC does not endorse any study guide or benefit from any purchase from the vendor.

A Physical Abilities Test guide can be downloaded and are available from our BPTC office.