Current EFSC Research Opportunities

The Office of Undergraduate Research supports students interested in developing creative projects and research experience with faculty, staff, administrators and community leaders. Please review the list of discipline areas and research topics currently available to students and then fill out the online Student Research Interest Form to initiate the mentor matching process .

  • Discipline: Science/Engineering
  • Discipline: Biology
  • Project description: Interaction of mycorrhizae (fungi) and mangroves
  • Discipline: Biology
  • Project description: Organic fertilizers
  • Discipline: Business
  • Discipline: Science/Engineering
  • Project description: Inorganic Chemistry including Organometallic Chemistry; Materials Chemistry; Ultrasonic Synthesis of organic and inorganic materials, Ultrasonic Cleaning
Computational Simulation
  • Discipline: Computer Science/Engineering
Computer Science/Software Development
  • Discipline: Technology
  • Project description: Identify strengths and weaknesses of Android and Appel IOS mobile devices in a University setting.
Criminal Justice/Crime Scene Investigation
  • Discipline: Public Safety
Digital Communication
  • Discipline: Communication/Foreign Language
  • Project description: Create new ways to do digital communication and provide a means of live assessment
Early Childhood Development and Education
  • Discipline: Education
  • Project description: Psychology, child development, early childhood education, parenting process and issues, child psychology, education, classroom management, group dynamics
Environmental Effects on Health
  • Discipline: Health Sciences
Environmental Phytoremediation
  • Discipline: Science
  • Project: Environmental Response to Pollution Spikes - Bottle Creek
Environmental Science
  • Discipline: Life Science and Physical Sciences
  • Project description: Research in Florida native plants, Florida ecosystems, plant physiology, wetland ecology, environmental chemistry, aquatic toxicology, and pesticide toxicology
Enzyme Kinetics
  • Discipline: Science
Health Sciences
  • Discipline: Nursing
  • Women's Health, Study Abroad Nursing, Independent Nurse Practitioner
  • Discipline: History
  • Project description: French Revolution, Napoleon, Military History, World War II, War gaming
Human Physiology
  • Discipline: Health Sciences
  • Discipline: English
  • English Renaissance Drama, Contemporary Dystopian Literature, Fairy Tales and Fairy Tale Retellings, Shakespeare, Literature and Popular Culture
Marine Biology and Aquaculture
  • Discipline: Biology
  • Project description: Research with marine, brackish and freshwater ecosystems and organisms (vertebrates, invertebrates, plants, and algae) through aquaculture and field research
Nanoparticle Chemistry
  • Discipline: Science
  • Project: Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis - Effect of Polarized and UV Light on Conformation
  • Project: Effect of Nanoparticles on Planarian Behavior
Natural Products Chemistry
  • Discipline: Science
  • Project: Cure Cancer
Peer Mentoring for Students Who are Parents
  • Discipline: Education
  • Project description: Providing support group and mentor pairing for students who are also parents to increase program retention and degree completion
Physical Chemistry
  • Discipline: Science/Engineering
Physical Organic Chemistry
  • Discipline: Science/Engineering
Qualitative Psychology
  • Discipline: Psychology
  • Project: Human Services, Non-profit, Higher Organizational Development
Science Education
  • Discipline: Education, Science
  • Discipline: Communications
  • Project description: Public Speaking, Marketing, Social/Media Relations, Interpersonal Communication, Nonverbal Communication, Conflict Management, Intercultural Communication, Politics and Communication
Synthetic Chemistry
  • Discipline: Science
  • Project: Kill Cockroaches
Technology for Interactive Presentations
  • Discipline: Computer Science/Computer Applications/Office Technology
  • Project description: Design methods for interactive presentations for live or online interaction
Terrorism/Security Processes
  • Discipline: Public Safety
Veterinary Medicine
  • Discipline: Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science
  • Project description: Veterinary medicine, veterinary science
Visual Art
  • Discipline: Art
  • Project description: Visual art: painting, drawing, installation, fibers, sculpture






Seminars & Workshops

Learn more about scientific research and careers during EFSC-sponsored events that feature visiting researchers.