Health Information Technology Associate in Science

All A.S. degree-seeking students must satisfy entry assessment requirements and complete with a grade of “S” or better in all required college-preparatory courses in reading, writing, and mathematics.

Curriculum requirements for the HIT A.S. are arranged so that students follow a sequence of prerequisite courses building on their previous studies and preparing them for future courses. This A.S. degree is designed for students who wish to complete a two-year degree and seek employment in the field. Students who decide to pursue university transfer to pursue a higher degree must meet certain course and test requirements.

Students must provide their own transportation to and from clinical sites and must agree to abide by the dress and conduct codes before being allowed to participate in Professional Practice activities.

HIT Recommended Course Sequence

 General Education  Credits
 Needed: 15
 ENC 1101  Communications 1 3
 MAC 1105  College Algebra 3
 SPC 2608  Fundamentals of Speech Communication 3
 Any  Humanities requirement 3
 Any  Social / Behavioral Science requirement 3
 Major Courses  Credits
 Needed: 36
 HIMC 1000  Introduction to HIM 3
 HIMC 1253  CPT Coding Principles & Practice 3
 HIMC 1273  Computerized Physician Office / Billing 2
 HIMC 1255  Advanced Coding 3
 HIMC 1222  Introduction to ICD Coding Principles 3
 HIM 1800  Professional Practice Experience 6
 HIM 2211  Health Information Technology 2
 HIM 2500  Continuous Quality Improvement & Related Basic
 Management & Supervision Principles
 HIM 2652  Electronic Health Records & Technology 3
 HIM 2214  Healthcare Statistics 3
 HIMC 2810  Health Information in Non-Acute Traditional Inpatient
 HIMC 2820  PPE Administrative & Technical 2
 HIM 2934  HIM Certification Exam Preperation 1
 Support Courses  Credits
 Needed: 19
 MAN 2021  Business Management Principles 3
 HSC 1554  Pathophysiology & Pharmacology 2
 BSCC 1084  Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology 4
 HSC 1531  Medical Terminology 2
 CGS 2100  Microcomputer Applications 3
 HSC 1641  Medical Law & Ethics / Bioethics 2
 HSC 1000  Introduction to HealthCare 3
Total Credit Hours: 70