The Selection Committee is guided by a point system. Click on the categories below to learn how points may be earned.

Veterinary Technology Point System

Grade Point Average

Points will be awarded based on Grade Point Average or G.E.D. score. Transcripts must be in the applicants file for this evaluation. A maximum of 20 points is possible. The most recent Grade Point Average will used. However, for the college Grade Point Average to be used, at least 12 credit hours of college courses must be completed; Of those credit hours, 4 credit hours must be a science course with a lab.

Grade Point Average   Points   G.E.D.  
 4.0  20 points    350-375 
 3.8 - 3.9  18 points   325-349 
 3.5 - 3.7  16 points  300-324 
 3.0 - 3.4  14 points  275-299 
 2.5 - 2.9  12 points  260-274 
 2.0 - 2.4  10 points  250-259 

Observation/Volunteer/Work Experience

Work/Observation/Volunteer Experience in a Veterinary Clinical Setting AND Humane Society/Shelter Setting

A maximum of 5 Bonus Points may be awarded for relevant work/experience under the direction of a veterinarian or certified veterinarian technician in each setting. Confirmation of each type of experience must be submitted on the Veterinary Technology Experience Form for points to be awarded.

NOTE: A minimum of 20 hours is required in BOTH settings, for a total of 40 hours of observation, volunteer and/or work experience to be completed before an application will be reviewed. (This change in hours is effective starting with the 2013 program applicants.)

Hours of Experience  Points Awarded
 40 Hours  Required (no points) 
 41-50 Hours  1 point
 51-60 Hours  2 points
 61-80 Hours  3 points
 81-100 Hours  4 points
 Over 100 Hours  5 points

Specific College Course Work Bonus Points

Completion of ALL the general education courses required to obtain the A.S. degree in this program (as listed below) will result in award of 25 bonus points. Applicants will not earn any points for this section, if all five classes are not completed by the application deadline. Not only will this point award increase the applicant's total points but will also lessen the program curriculum load.

General Education Requirements  Total Credit Hours:15  
 Written Communication Requirement   3
 Oral Communication Requirement  3
 Computation Requirement MAC 1105  3
 Social/Behavioral Requirement  3
 Humanities Requirement  3

*See a current College Catalog for specific General Education course requirements for an A.S. degree.

Certain courses relevant to the program will be awarded 5 points each; the maximum points possible are 40. Only courses completed within the last ten (10) years with a grade of "C" or better can be used for Bonus Points. Transcripts must be in the applicants file for this evaluation.

College Credit Courses:
• Anatomy & Physiology I
• Anatomy & Physiology II
• Applied Veterinary Medical Terminology
• Calculus
• College Chemistry (or General Chemistry)
• College Computer Course
• General Biology
• Introduction to Health Care
• Introduction to Veterinary Technology
• Medical Terminology
• Microbiology
• Oceanography
• Organic Chemistry
• Patho-Physiology & Pharmacology
• Small Animal Behavior
• Specific Animal-related coursework
• Statistics
• Survey of Anatomy & Physiology
• Zoology

(Courses will be determined for eligible points by selection committee)

TEAS Test Scores

In order to qualify for testing points, applicants must have an overall score > or = 70%. (Maximum of 15 points possible. See TEAS testing link for more information.)

Test Score   Points
 94-100%   15 points 
 88-93%  13 points
 82-87%  11 points
 76-81%  9 points
 70-75%  7 points

Additional Points


Applicants with at least 2 years of military service will be awarded 5 points.  Applicant must show proof of service by application deadline.


Additional points may be awarded for a 300-word handwritten essay, on the following topic:
"Veterinary Technicians: What are they and what role do they play on the Veterinary Team?"

Evaluation of the essay is a tie-breaker and may result in applicant selection when applicants have similar point totals. (See Application Procedure)