Applying to Phlebotomy Program

The Phlebotomy vocational certificate is a limited-access program offered by the Health Sciences Institute at EFSC. The program begins every Fall and Spring. All students must complete an EFSC application and a Health Sciences Institute — Phlebotomy Program application.

If you have any questions concerning the Application procedure, please contact Health Sciences Admissions and Advising office at 321-433-7575.

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Application Procedure

Attend Orientation

Orientation is for all students who are interested in applying to the Phlebotomy program.

Current dates (if available) can be found in the box on the Phlebotomy home page. Details about an alternate, document-based orientation process will also be posted once in-person options for a term have passed.  

Please attend any one of the orientations, prior to intended program start. This orientation is MANDATORY for all applicants – your application will not be considered if you did not attend. Students are required to sign in upon entering the orientation.

Orientations are hosted only at the COCOA CAMPUS.

*For questions or concerns about the orientation, please contact the Program Manager, Kristie Fuller, via email at

Submit the Online Phlebotomy Program Application

Complete the online Health Sciences Institute Application for Phebotomy. The application deadlines are June 1st and November 1st. The applications must be submitted online.

There is a $25 non-refundable fee for this application. This fee must be paid to the cashier's office at your local EFSC campus, before the application deadline.

Complete the Phlebotomy application packet

Complete the Phlebotomy Application Packet obtained at the Orientation.  Submit all pages to the Health Sciences Admissions and Advising Office in Cocoa, Building 20, Room 233.