Phlebotomy Program

Students who are accepted into the program will need to meet the following requirements. Except for CPR and AIDS certification, all must be completed prior to start of classes.

Students eligible for registration in the Phlebotomy program will be required to have a Level 2 Background check and Drug screening. Applicants must be drug free and free of offenses that would disqualify them from the student clinical experience in a health care setting. The background check will include Residence History, Fingerprinting, Nationwide Sexual Offenders Registry search and Florida Statewide Criminal Records search. The cost of the background check and drug screening is the responsibility of the student.

All students of the Phlebotomy program will be required to have current American Heart Association Course Healthcare Provider CPR certification and AIDS104/BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS certification. Note: These requirements are met during the semester and included in the Phlebotomy program.

Students must complete the Phlebotomy courses with a grade of "C" or better to do a hospital rotation.

All students of the Phlebotomy Program must show proof of the following immunization or sign a waiver. If the student chooses to sign a waiver rather than provide proof of immunity, the clinical sites have the right to refuse access of students not meeting their facility immunization requirements. All immunization records are to be uploaded to the student's Certified Background account. More information on each requirement can be found in the student acceptance packets or by contacting the program manager. 

  • MMR 2-shot series (aka:  mumps, measles, rubella)
  • Tdap within 10 years (aka:  whooping cough). NOTE:  this is different from TD
  • PD skin test (aka:  TB screening)
  • Varicella (aka: chicken pox) NOTE: A history of the disease will not be accepted.  A positive titer test, or proof of 2-Shot series vaccination, must be provided.
  • Hepatitis B (series of three injections)
  • Flu Shot (for the flue season in which the student will attend clinicals)

All students who are registered in a Health Sciences Campus program are required to purchase the "Professional Liability" insurance at a cost of $16.00 per year and "Accident Insurance" at a cost of $10.50 per year (Aug.-Aug.) through EFSC. This can be done at any cashier office on any campus. A copy of the paid receipt must be provided.

Detailed instructions to meet the above requirements will be explained at the new student orientation and after registration into the major.