Medical Laboratory Technology A.S. degree Estimated Costs 

EFSC General Admissions Application Fee

*If you have never attended EFSC


MLT Program Application Fee 


Background Check (Includes Level II and 2nd year Renewal)


Immunizations (estimate only--will vary by student; Hepatitis and TB listed)


Uniforms and Shoes


Disposable Gloves and Goggles


Liability and Accident Insurance (26.50/yr)


Tuition (AS: 76 credits @ $104/credit)


Science Course's Lab Fees (some of these fees may be added to to the actual course)


MLT Laboratory Course Fees (includes HIV/AIDS CE and CPR certification)


Online Course Fees ($10/credit @ 8 credits)


  Textbooks (will vary; estimate listed based on EFSC College Bookstore Pricing)   


FL DOH Training License for Clinical Rotations

Lab CE subscription



Graduation Application


AAB (MT) application fee


AAB (MT) examination fee 

AAB (MT) proctoring fee



ASCP (MLT) application/examination fee


FL CLT (MT) Licensure application fee


FL CLT (MT) Initial Licensure fee


Medical Errors CE Certificate


 EFSC Parking Permit Fee



* These fees have been updated for the 2013-14 academic year at in-state resident costs, based on the full 2 year program. Some fees may be subject to increase without notice.