Information for Medical Coder/Biller Accepted Students

Students who are accepted into the program will be notified approximately two weeks after the application deadline, by EFSC student e-mail, of conditional acceptance and instructed to attend a new student orientation during the summer. The accordion table below includes information about some of the criteria that must be satisfied in order to begin the program.

Medical Information Coder/Biller Program

Background and Drug Screening

Students eligible for registration to the core courses (HIMC prefix) in the Medical Information Coder/ Biller program will be required to have a Level 2 Background check and Drug screening.  Applicants must be drug free and free of offenses that would disqualify them from the student clinical experience in a health care setting.  (PPE-HIM 1800).  The background check will include Residence History, Fingerprinting, Nationwide Sexual Offenders Registry search and Florida Statewide Criminal Records search. The cost of the background check and drug screening is the responsibility of the student.  


Certification by the American Heart Association Course "Healthcare Provider CPR" - All students of the Medical Coder/Biller Program will be required to have current American Heart Association Course CPR certification and AIDS104/BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS certification.  Both certificates can be earned in the "HSC 1000 Intro to Healthcare" class.


Health Status

All students of the Medical Coder/Biller Program must show proof of HBV immunization or sign a waiver. All students are required to show proof of a current negative Tuberculin test. (TB/PPD) All students must show proof of childhood vaccinations. A copy of each must be provided for inclusion in your Health Sciences Campus Division folder. Download History and Immunization Form. Required before registration to HIM 1800.


All students who are registered in a Health Sciences Campus program are required to purchase the "Professional Liability" insurance at a cost of $16.00 per year and "Accident Insurance" at a cost of $10.50 per year (Aug.-Aug.) through EFSC. This can be done at any cashier office on any campus. A copy of the paid receipt must be provided, before you can begin the final course - HIM 1800 (PPE) class.

Technical/Performance Standards

To satisfactorily complete the curriculum and to develop the skills required of an entry level health information professional, the student must demonstrate the following technical/performance standards:

Visual Acuity(with or without corrective lenses): to read paper, microfilm, and electronic documents. 

Physical Ability: to process reports and records, to operate equipment necessary for record keeping (for example, manually operated filing equipment, printers, microfilm reader/printers, computer keyboard), and to move about in space limited by compacted filing. 

Manual Dexterity: to perform the fine motor functions necessary to document analysis of records (for example, must use pens, pencils, and manage papers), and to operate electronic equipment (for example, computers, word processors). 

Hearing (with or without aids): to hear the spoken voice in order to be able to respond verbally.