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Before applying for a Nursing program, you must complete the general application process to Eastern Florida State College. Also view our Program Summary and Equal Access Policy.

The Nursing & Health Sciences Institute no longer accepts paper applications. Complete the online application and click the "submit" button, prior to the application deadline. After submitting the application, visit your local EFSC cashier's office to pay your $25 application fee by the program application deadline date. No application will be processed unless payment has been made.



Medical Assistant: How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Assistant Program, which offers two program options described below.

Medical Assistant Specialty, College Credit Certificate (CCC)
    • This program begins every Fall and Spring, at both the Cocoa and Palm Bay Campus. 
    • Seats are limited and registration is first-come, first-served.
    • Entry into the program core courses begin at the start of walk-in registration for your intended program start term. Please review the EFSC Academic Calendar for walk-in registration dates.
    • Interested students must visit the Nursing & Health Science Admissions and Advising Office in Cocoa (or Melbourne on Mondays ONLY), or designated-Palm Bay Advisor to be registered for the program. 
Medical Assistant Advanced, Associate in Science degree (AS)
  • The courses for this program (general education & support courses) can be started any term.
  • The program is open-exit.
  • To advance to this AS degree the learner must:
    1. Have achieved/completed all phases of the CCC program, no later than 3 years prior to the AS degree start. Copy of transcript required.
    2. Applied and passed the national RMA certification credential by program start. Copy of certification required.

Please read the following information to make your entrance into the program as easy as 1-2-3!

NOTE: You will not receive an acceptance letter after submitting an application. It is recommended you contact either Kris Hardy (Program Director/Cocoa) at 321-433-7545 or Patricia Rock (Instructor/Palm Bay) 321-433-5267 for advisement and program progression.

Applying for Medical Assisting

General Admission Application

Complete and properly file the application for general admission to Eastern Florida State College, prior to program application deadline. There is a $30 non-refundable application fee for admission that must be submitted at the time of application to the College. You can apply online or in person on any of the campuses following the information on the EFSC enrollment web page. Complete all admissions requirements with General Admissions office.

NOTE: You must only apply to EFSC for general admission if you are not currently enrolled with the College. If you’re a returning/readmit student who applied to EFSC one or more years ago and have not completed a course in the past year, you must re-apply and can do so online and will not be charged the general EFSC application fee.

Official Transcripts

ALL OFFICIAL college and/or high school transcripts or GED scores must be sent to:
College Admissions Office
Eastern Florida State College
1519 Clearlake Road
Cocoa, Florida 32922

  1. Transfer students: Request all previous schools to send an official copy of all transcripts to the EFSC Admission's Office.

  2. International students: If you attended high school and/or college in a country other than the United States, when you submit your transcripts you must speak to the International Student Service Advisor to determine any further steps that must be taken to determine your grade point average and transfer credits.

  3. If no previous college coursework/or no degree earned: Submit official College Placement Test Scores or take a College Placement Test with the EFSC testing center at your local campus. If exempt, please provide documentation.

Online Program Application *Already an EFSC student? Start here

Complete the online Nursing Program Application for your intended Medical Assistant Program.  There is a $25 non-refundable fee for this application to be paid at the cashier's office prior to registration for classes. 

CCC:  You must start with the Medical Assistant Specialty CCC.  This application should be submitted no later than walk-in registration for your intended program start. Verification of the submitted application and application fee is required to enter the program.

AS:  If you have already completed the Medical Asssistant Specialty CCC, then submit an application for the Medical Assistant Advanced (AS). Verification of the submitted application and application fee is required to enter the program/declare major. There is a $25 non-refundable fee for this application to be paid at the cashier's office prior to program start. You will NOT be contacted after receipt of your application.  In order to start the program/update major, you must see a Nursing & Health Science Advisor (any semester) and provide proof of the following:

  1. Copy of transcript to reflect completion of the CCC program.
  2. Copy of National RMA certification credential.

*Did you complete the PSAV Medical Assistant program in the last 3 years and now want to enter the AS degree?  See our FAQ page for details.

College Placement Test

If you are First Time In College (FTIC) and have not completed an SAT or ACT, Applicants for the CCC program must take the Florida Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT) or be eligible for a PERT waiver. If applicable, required developmental education courses may be required.

CCC: College-level Reading, or completion of Reading developmental coursework, is required to enter the program and should be completed prior to registration into the program.  

AS Degree:  You must be college-level ready in ALL areas.  

Please call 321-632-1111 to register for the test.

Completion of Prerequisite Courses

CCC:  Applicants must have all, or majority, of their prerequisites completed before registering into the CCC program.  Completion of these courses will be verified at the start of walk-in registration by the Nursing & Health Science Advisors (or designated-Palm Bay Advisor).  See Entrance Criteria for list of courses. 

AS:  Applicants must have graduated the Medical Assistant Specialty CCC program within 3 years of program start. 

Equal Access Policy

Eastern Florida State College complies with state and federal laws and does not deny equal access to individuals based on age, race, national origin, color, ethnicity, genetics, religion, sex, gender preference, pregnancy, disabilities, marital status, veteran status, ancestry or political affiliation. EFSC recognizes the rights of students and applicants with disabilities, including those with hepatitis B, under the protections of the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. Visit the Human Resources section of the College's website for more information.