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Accepted and Alternate Student Information

The information below applies only to accepted students and students on alternate status in the Eastern Florida State College Dental Hygiene program.

  • Health: All accepted students will be required to submit a completed physical exam form with proof of immunizations and titers prior to entrance. (Physical exam forms will be available only to accepted students.) However, a physical exam and physician's statement may be required by the Admission's Committee if there is a question of the applicant's ability to meet established program criteria.

  • Insurance: All accepted students will be required to purchase the "professional liability" and "accident" insurance through EFSC. Personal health insurance is strongly recommended.

  • CPR Certification: All accepted students will be required to have a current American Heart Association course "BLS for Health Care Providers" CPR certification prior to entrance into the clinical portion of the program. This must be renewed every two yearss.

  • Background Check and Drug Screening (Criminal History Information Request): This is required of all accepted students. Paperwork will be provided at the mandatory Dental Hygiene new student orientation. The vendor charges students directly for these services. For more information go toBackground Check & Drug Screening

  • All students accepted and those on alternate status must attend the mandatory Dental Hygiene new student orientation.

  • Courses: All general education and science support courses must have been successfully completed with a grade of "C" or better to satisfy Dental Hygiene program requirements for graduation.  Science and support courses must have been completed within the past ten years in order to be considered.

  • Transfer Credit Dental Courses: Transfer credit regarding dental specific courses will only be accepted for equivalent courses, based on state common course numbering, that have been successfully completed with a grade of "C" or better at an ADA nationally accredited dental program within the past three years. Students may be requested to audit sections of an EFSC dental curriculum if their transfer course does not fully meet the content, depth, and scope of EFSC dental course. Once accepted into the program, students should meet with a dental hygiene program manager to determine an individualized curriculum plan.